UPDATE: Westfield case delivered to prosecutors, now under review

Derrick Westfield is a deputy chief with the Fort Wayne Police Department.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s been a little more than a month now since a Fort Wayne police deputy chief was involved in an apparent road rage incident with two teenagers. 15 Finds Out has been continuously checking on the progress of the investigations since first reporting it November 10.

The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office told 15 Finds Out that late  Monday afternoon the “investigation was delivered by law enforcement. The file will now be reviewed by our office so that we can make a decision regarding charges. I do not have a time frame for you.”

Derrick Westfield is a deputy chief with the Fort Wayne Police Department.

According to Allen County Sheriff Department records obtained by 15 Finds Out, Deputy Chief Derrick Westfield was in a fight with two teenagers after a road rage incident while he was off duty in the early morning hours of November 5.

Both the police department and prosecutor’s office say they are still investigating the case, but after several requests, 15 Finds Out investigator Alyssa Ivanson was able to talk to the police chief about the incident during an interview for another story.

Alyssa: I do want to ask you about Deputy Chief Westfield. What is the status of the internal investigation into the battery incident?

Chief Reed: The internal investigation is still ongoing and once I get that case, I’ll make a decision on it.

Alyssa:  What do you say to the community about a Deputy Chief of yours off duty being involved in what appears to be a road rage incident in his personal vehicle?

Chief Reed: Well, I don’t normally comment on pending internal investigations, so I’d reserve comment until the case is complete and then I’ll make a ruling once it’s complete.

Alyssa: Do you know when that might be?

Chief Reed: I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks we’ll bring it to conclusion.



The Allen County Sheriff’s Department report says the incident started in the round-a-bout at Union Chapel and Auburn Roads. Two teens in a car say Westfield cut them off.
They flashed their lights at him, and say Westfield then “brake-checked them”

Westfield followed them into the Falcon Creek addition, he says because he also lives there.  When the teens pulled into a driveway, Westfield stopped and got out.

Westfield says the teens were being aggressive and when he tried to hold one back, the 17-year-old punched him. But, the teens say Westfield pushed the 18-year-old first.
Westfield was on top of the 17-year-old when the boy’s father came outside and said that he was a Parkview police officer. Westfield then identified himself as a city officer and got off of the teen.

Westfield is continuing his deputy chief duties during the internal affairs investigation.