State legislators prepare for ‘Organization Day’

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE) – Sunday alcohol sales, concealed carry gun permits, and future leadership are just a few possible topics that will be discussed today at this year’s Organization Day at the Indiana Statehouse.

Each November, state lawmakers come together ahead of the start of the next year’s legislative session. It typically involves administrative tasks and discussion of priorities for each party.

During the 2018 session, members of the Indiana house and senate are expected to address several topics from a variety of areas.

Sunday alcohol sales is one of the most noteworthy issues. The law making Sunday alcohol sales illegal has been in place in Indiana since the prohibition, but recent moves by lobbyists and state lawmakers could change that. Either way, it’s likely to be one of the main topics of the upcoming session.

Another hotly debated topic expected to take center stage at some point is gun laws in Indiana, specifically involving carry permits. Lawmakers have discussed the possibility of making it easier for Hoosiers to get and carry guns in public, but little progress has been made on making it happen yet.

The new legislative session will also bring changes to state leadership, particularly among Democrats. House minority leader Scott Pelath announced he will be stepping down from his leadership post today.

He made the announcement this week, noting the importance of the upcoming election cycle.

“I will not saddle my caucus with a lame duck leader,” Pelath said. “It’s an extraordinary important election cycle and I know unambiguously that was the right thing to do.”

Some say Phil GiaQuinta, who represents Fort Wayne’s 80th District, could fill the role moving forward.

The Indiana General Assembly will reconvene for the official start of the 2018 session in January.