Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen advances on “The Voice”

Fort Wayne's Addison Agen performs on NBC's "The Voice."

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Concordia Lutheran High School student Addison Agen continues her run on “The Voice.” On Tuesday’s show, she was the first contestant chosen to move forward for another week.

“Of course it’s just another step closer to the biggest dream that I’ve ever had of my life,” Agen said. “It’s such a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing people, not just the rest of the top 11 but the production, the crew and all of those getting ready to be in the right place at the right time wardrobe, hair and make up. Everyone is just such a blessing that I get to continue to do what I love around the people that I love.”

During Monday’s live show, Agen performed “She Used to be Mine” by Sara Bareilles. According to her, she had a feeling that she was moving on but not that she would be chosen first.

“When he said my name I was like, did he make a mistake…for real?,” Agen said. “I did have a clue that I was making it through because my iTunes had made it to number nine which is incredible and the highest it’s been this season.”

Agen touched on how difficult the competition has been since she’s been in Los Angeles but she couldn’t thank her enough mom for being with her on the journey.

“My mom has been out here for five and a half months out of the year with me and away from my one and a half year old baby sister, so it’s been hard for her,” Agen said. “To see all the sacrifices that people are making for you, you realize how special this really is.”

She also says that school work comes before the competition.

“People have asked me am I going to graduate and I’m like of course that’s not even a question at all,” Agen said.”I‘m going to graduate and get the best education that I possibly can because it’s so important.”

The Cadet says that it also helps to have the support of her hometown.

“Fort Wayne has my back one hundred percent,” Agen said. “They are literally like my back bone in this and they have my back for everything. It’s such a blessing to be from there and have so much pride back home.”

Agen says no matter whether she wins or loses in this competition, she’s made so many friends and connections to help her move forward in life.

“I’ve made so many connections  even from people who have been cut and people that didn’t even make it past the blinds,” Agen said. “I am so insanely close to call them family. That I have connections of musicians from all across the united states. And hopefully that will lead to a tour. And singing music and back stage we are making such great friends that will last for the rest of our lives.”

Music keeps us together. So it’s a bond that won’t be broken.”

She knows that many of her fans look up to her as an inspiration and she wants everyone watching to know that anything is possible.

“Start young, start what you love,” Agen said. “Love everything and figure out what you want to do eventually and work on it. It does take a lot of hard work to get here. I’ve spent hours practicing and getting to know what I like in music and trying to make it my own. It does take a lot of hard work but you can make dreams become reality. That’s exactly what I am doing. I never thought that this was actually going to be a reality.”

NBC’s “The Voice” continues Monday, November 28th.