Indy Boy Scout troop visits Blackford Co. for storm clean up

Blackford County Storm Clean Up

DUNKIRK, Ind. (WANE) – Six days after an E-F 2 Tornado ripped through parts of Blackford and Jay counties, the cleanup continues. People from all over have been helping residents cleanup – and for some rebuild.

Some Boy Scouts from Indianapolis showed up in Dunkirk to help residents. The Scouts of Troop 104 helped pile scraps of wood, carried away large debris, and tried to salvage anything they could.

They mainly helped Jacqueline Miller and her family, who have lived on their land at County Roads 700 East and 400 South since the 1830’s. It’s a five home plot with hundreds of acres.

When the tornado ripped through their land, Miller’s uncle’s got it the worst. His roof was ripped off and the inside of his house destroyed. 

Blackford County resident’s house destroyed

“I got the phone call and all I heard was Uncle Bob’s house is gone,” she explained. “I’m just glad it wasn’t a bunch of rubble that I had to dig my family out from underneath.”

One scout, Andrew Clek, called the sight ‘crazy.’

“I’ve actually never seen any big damage of a tornado,” he said. “It’s like astonishing. I didn’t know houses could actually fall like that. This is a lot of wood. It’s just crazy. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

His scout buddy, Levi Delk, felt gratitude.

“Kind of just puts it into perspective how lucky we are to have what we got and that when disaster strikes how lucky we all are to have neighbors and friends who love us who come and help out,” he said.

And that love is felt by Miller.

“It’s an extreme relief and they have no idea how much hope it gives us because that’s a lot of good people and a relief that we’ll get it done,” Miller said.

Jay County’s EMA director Ralph Frazee said there are several places for people in need of help to seek it. The United Way and Salvation Army are collaborating to distribute resources. They’re taking donations as well for those wanting to help those affected by the tornado.

People can also contact the Jay County Chamber of Commerce and Mama’s Little Treasure to pick up clothing and furniture.