Family: 2 victims in triple shooting were cousins

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A shooting early Thursday morning left two women dead, and another in the hospital.

Two of those victims were members of the same family.

Kayla Harris, 24, was killed along with her friend Nicole Saylor, 36. Harris’ cousin, Danielle Carter, is in critical condition.

Harris and Carter’s aunt, Tiffany Butler, called the person who did the shooting a ‘monster.’

“They say when you have a near death experience your life flashes between your eyes,” Butler said.

Butler now understands what “they” are talking about.

“When my mom told me Kayla was gone Kayla’s whole life flashed before my eyes,” Butler said. “Danielle’s life flashed before my eyes.”

Her title is aunt, but being a few years older than her nieces, their relationship was different.

“They were more like my little sisters,” Butler said.

Carter, Harris and Saylor were all returning from work, and going to Harris’ home on East Sherwood Terrace when they were gunned down. They hadn’t even made it to the front porch.

“I’m sick, and I’m angry,” Butler said. “I’m broken inside.”

Butler did not know Saylor personally, but said the three were good friends. Harris was a mother to a young son, and also took care of her brother. Even being ten years younger, Butler admired Harris.

“Kayla was everything I wish I could be,” Butler said. “She was fierce, and she was courageous.”

As the large family mourns the loss, they are also putting all their effort behind another family member’s recovery. Butler believes Carter, a mother of five, will fight the way she always has.

“She overcomes things,” Butler said. “I know she’ll overcome this. I know she’ll overcome this with the grace and the passion and the poise she always has.”

No one has been arrested for the crime. Police said it was not a random act, and the girls were targeted.

The family has set up GofundMe* accounts for Harris’ funeral costs and Carter’s medical bills.

The family of Nicole Saylor has also set up a Gofundme for funeral costs.

* does not assure that the monies or donations deposited to the account will be applied for the benefit of the persons named as beneficiaries. If you are considering a donation, you should consult your own advisers and otherwise proceed at your own risk.