Family along county road picks up after tornado

DUNKIRK, Ind. (WANE) – A family that has lived close together for decades are all picking up pieces after Sunday’s tornado. They live off of County Road 400 South in Dunkirk. Robert Miller said the firsts of the family built on the land in 1837.

But November 5th 2017 was a hard day for the group. The National Weather Service confirmed an EF2 tornado touched down in Blackford and Jay counties before ending in Mercer County, Ohio. Winds from the tornado got up to 134 miles per hour.

Along the road Monday you could see debris and clothing, decorations and other items you find inside a home. Miller and his wife were inside their home, hiding in the bathroom. All of the sudden, and quickly, the wind took their roof up and away. “She just ducked down and I just stood there and in just a second it was gone. The roof was gone.”

The top of their home was gone. Then it was over. “As soon as I had seen that it was over with, I said well we’re alive. It’s fine.”

An optimistic view as the two made it out safely along with their two cats and three dogs. A good portion of the rest of their family is lined up along 400 South. Including his granddaughter and niece. Both are shocked but also thankful.

“All I was thinking was I know my dad is a half a mile down the road so I got out and I ran down the road and I’ve never been happier to see my dad,” Mary Miller said.

“I was terrified I was going to be under rubble trying to find my family members. There was over 14 out here during this time frame,” Jacqueline Miller said.

 It’s hard to believe but the two think that after the storm, someone came to Robert’s house and went through the gun cabinets and other spots inside, getting away with a chainsaw and an old TV. “I just can’t believe someone can drive down the road and look at a house like this and look at all these people like this and think the first thing that they need is to take stuff. So I’m just very in shock of how people think today,” Mary Miller said.

But instead of worrying about humanity right now, they’re busy picking up and holding their loved ones close. “It could have been a very different day and a very different season coming up here,” Jacqueline Miller said.

A family barn down the road was also destroyed. Across from there, Kingsley Full Gospel Church was damaged. Their steeple was cracked in half. The church bus was also damaged.

Wane TV worked to keep you covered and safe during these storms since the beginning. Stick with us on air and online as now the cleanup continues.