Park Center eyes New Haven building for opioid treatment center

A potential location for a new Park Center opioid treatment facility is at the intersection of New Haven Ave. and Meyer Rd. in New Haven.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) After a debate over a Fort Wayne location, Park Center is moving forward with hopes to buy a New Haven building for a new opioid treatment center.

The opioid overdose crisis has been sweeping across the country and leaving a big impact at home.

“It looks likely that 100 people will die this year from opioid poisonings and overdoses this year,” Paul Wilson, president and CEO of Park Center explained. “Over a thousand people will be attended to by EMS and other personnel in terms of drug poisonings and overdoses.”

An empty building in New Haven could become a future opioid treatment center, run by Park Center. The group is part of a coalition in Allen County working to find answers to the opioid situation.

The first choice of location was a building near Coliseum Blvd. and Trier Road was an unpopular decision for surrounding neighborhoods. The plan was abandoned.

The new potential location is an empty building at New Haven Avenue and Meyer Road, across from the Department of Health Annex, in a mainly industrial area.

The facility would offer 56 beds for people looking to break their addictions.

“The need continues, so we want to move forward as much as possible to address that,” Wilson added.

The next steps for Park Center include getting approval from the city of New Haven to rezone the property and hosting a public meeting.