My Hometown: Cat People Press

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – In this My Hometown, NewsChannel 15’s Sara Schaefer introduced a woman who has combined her loves and talents to launch a greeting card company for cat people.

It’s safe to say Rebecca Stockert loves cats. “They’re fury. They meow and they purr. I’ve got a cat at home that’s very demanding.”

She also loves correspondence. The old school way of getting mail- in the mailbox. “There’s something special about getting in the mail, something you can touch and feel and look at and see that they’ve actually written on it.”

As a freelance artist, she does what she calls a little hustling on the side, finding ways to sell her work and make some money. But now she’s launched her own business. “I’ve worked for other people before and sometimes it’s good and sometimes you get burned and I’m like I’m not going to work really hard for someone else. I’m going to work hard for myself and make my own money.”

While making some watercolor greeting cards last Christmas, something clicked. “I thought this would be a really great business idea.”

Less than a year later, she started Cat People Press, using her talent as an illustrator combined with her love for cats and mail. “I love cats and I love correspondence so greeting cards was a great idea.”

Some are on the side of dark humor, others centered around the sweeter side of cats. Those are in the Cats and Carcasses collection. The sweeter ones are in the Feline Friendlies or Simple Salutations collections.

She’s known to some as the crazy cat lady. “Some people say it in a nice way and other people are like she’s the crazy cat lady.”

But now she’s known as a business owner. “Fort Wayne has come a long way in the past ten years. Downtown is really growing the arts are growing and tis a great place to be able to start a business. Even though starting out it can be sketchy, you know, if you can make it, it’s worth it.”

You can get Cat People Press cards at Fancy and Staple, Green Dog Goods and Etsy. Rebecca hopes one day to open a store for the cards and hire employees.