Fort Wayne gun store owner disagrees with NRA bump stock stance

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The NRA showed support for regulations on the device that can turn a firearm into an automatic weapon, and were found on the Las Vegas shooter’s guns. But a Fort Wayne gun store owner isn’t buying it.

Russell Concordia has seen the pictures of a Las Vegas hotel room littered with firearms, some with bump stocks on them. Concordia, the President of Ranger Supply Co on Getz Road, won’t say the gun Stephan Paddock used on a crowd of people had a bump stock until he sees proof.

“The news is reporting he was using one,” Concordia said. “The pictures they released show firearms with bump stocks on them.”

He is against any further gun control that is not already on the books, and that includes regulating bump stocks.

“Is one more law going to change that person’s mind?”

However, the NRA is on the other side of the bump stock debate. A bump stock replaces the back of a rifle. It uses the guns own recoil to bump back and forth making the trigger constantly hit the shooter’s finger.

The NRA showed support of bump stock regulations getting both republicans and democrats to agree.

“I agree with the NRA,” Senator Todd Young (R-IN) said. “I think taking a close look at this device people can buy that effectively changes a non automatic weapons into an automatic weapon. Maybe some new regulations.”

“You look at these bump stocks, and there’s no reason for them to be available,” Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN) said.

But Concordia said it’s all just politics.

“The NRA is trying to use it as a bargaining chip,” Concordia said. “We’ll give you this if you give us that.”

Concordia said in 14 years of business he’s sold two bump stocks.