8 treated after Indianapolis restaurant carbon monoxide leak

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indianapolis firefighters transported eight patients to a hospital following a carbon monoxide leak at a restaurant on the city’s far northeast side.

Battalion Chief Rita Reith says the leak shortly after noon Friday produced a carbon monoxide reading of 150 parts per million at Skyline Chili in Castleton and 70 ppm in an adjacent restaurant. She says medical treatment is recommended for readings of 10 ppm and higher.

Reith says one worker at the packed restaurant had a reading of 30 ppm.

She says that workers began complaining of symptoms including headaches, nausea, lightheadedness and blurry vision, and two managers asked patrons and workers to evacuate.

Store manager Cheri Throop told firefighters that kettles and a gas water heater both had been worked on recently, the kettles on Thursday.


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