ISP: Rock, not bullet, hit semi on Ind. Toll Road

STEUBEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana State police who investigated a truck driver’s report of gunshots aimed at his semi determined that the rig was actually struck by a rock or piece of concrete.

According to ISP, troopers were notified about the incident just after midnight Saturday morning. Investigators said a semi was traveling east on the Indiana Toll Road near the exit for I-69. The truck driver said he saw two flashes of light from an overpass and then his windshield shattered.

Investigators said a projectile passed through the front windshield and passed out the back window.

The truck driver was not hurt.

On Wednesday, state police said in a news release that the investigation revealed that the damage was “not caused by a bullet but by a hard projectile such as a rock or piece of concrete.”

Police reminded the public that items dropped or thrown from a highway overpass can cause serious injuries or death. Anyone who spots suspicious activity on any highway overpass is urged to call 911.