Teachers in Muncie agree to repay $700K for insurance

MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — Teachers in a central Indiana community have agreed to repay the school district about $700,000 for underpayment of health insurance premiums over the two previous school years.

The Star Press reports teachers at the deficit-ridden Muncie Community Schools have entered an agreement allowing the reimbursements to be paid over 18 pay periods.

Steve Edwards, a state-appointed emergency manager of the district, recently told the school board: “It would have been difficult for any of us to pay that debt on the spot.”

Pat Kennedy, president of Muncie Teachers Association, noted that the payback was included in MTA’s “last best offer” to the school district during contract negotiations. MTA’s offer was accepted by a state-appointed fact finder and upheld on an appeal.

Negotiations are beginning for a new health insurance plan.


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