State police find credit card skimmers at gas station

Images provided by Indiana State Police show a credit card skimmer on the left and the same credit card reader on the right without the skimmer attached.

LOOGOOTEE, Ind. (WANE) Two credit card skimmers were found at a southern Indiana gas station Thursday and Indiana State Police want motorists to know how they can spot these devices that illegally access credit card information.

According to a news release, Thursday afternoon a trooper responded to the Chuckles Gas Station on Broadway Street in Loogootee. Employees reported that two skimming devices had been removed from the gas pumps.

At this point, detectives and gas station employees do not know how long the skimmers were installed.

Here are some ways to spot a credit card skimmer:

– Before using a card reader at a gas pump, touch the opening of the card reader and try to wiggle it to see if it is temporarily placed in the machine. ATMs and card readers are built solidly and should not have loose parts.

– Check the machine or display as a whole. Does it look like it was cracked or forced open? Do decals appear to have been broken or misaligned? Do labels or stickers not appear straight or look to be tampered with? If so, report the machine to employees and use a different unit.

– If you suspect that you have found a skimming device, take it into the location that the device was placed and notify employees. Even though the place of business will likely call law enforcement, please feel free to report the incident yourself, as police want to make absolutely sure that it is reported.

– Protect your card, card numbers, and pin numbers (when you must enter them into a keypad) as if someone is watching over your shoulder. Cover the keypad as you enter those important numbers.

– Monitor your online banking and credit card accounts on a daily basis. If you see a charge that you are not familiar with or did not authorize, contact your bank or credit card company immediately.

The Indiana State Police wants to remind credit card users to not be afraid of using their credit or bank cards, but ask that you remain vigilant in an effort to protect your accounts and your finances.

Undated courtesy photo, circa March 2016, of a skimmer – a small, nondescript electronic device that would-be thieves attach to or hide inside a gas pump — this is an example of an external skimmer found on gas pumps or ATMs. The devices secretly record customers’ credit and debit card information, which criminals can then use to commit fraud and identity theft. Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Commerce.