Pro-DACA ralliers plead for Trump to be removed from office

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Children of immigrants have been feeling heavy unrest since President Donald Trump announced he’ll be reversing DACA – An Obama-era act that allows them to legally live and work in America. Sunday, a crowd gathered at the Allen County Courthouse to express their frustrations.

The rally was called “Silence the Violence.” The ralliers want to put brakes on President Trump’s reversal of DACA.

“What we’re doing is coming out and calling out our representatives, Mayor Tom Henry, Congressman Jim Banks, Senators Joe Donnelly and Todd Young to hear the people and to begin the actions of removing Trump from office because he doesn’t represent us,” said Rally organizer Pablo Hurtado.

The rally’s organizers have been writing letters and calling elected officials to share their concerns. They’re asking others to do the same.