Adopting a teammate, New Haven football brothers have strong connection

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – The Sexton brothers are inseparable.

“They are like peanut butter and jelly,” Jody Sexton said.

Even on their PAL youth football team some six years ago it was clear that Nick had a bright future. His past made things complicated though.

The current New Haven junior lost his mother to cancer and was living with his grandparents. (His father was out of the picture) He used football to escape but even with the passion for the game something wasn’t right.

In his second season on the team, Nick quit the team.

Rick Sexton – the coach of the PAL youth football – team was curious why and he didn’t just stand by. A trip to Nick’s grandparents house reveal the real reason behind his absence. The 10-year-old was afraid someone would pick him up.

The Sexton’s had faith in Nick. It wasn’t long before Nick felt like a part of the family as he spent nights, then weekends and then entire summers with his buddy Bryan.

Until one day he asked if the Sexton’s would adopt him.

After some consideration and prayer, the Sexton’s said they would. It wasn’t a hard decision for his close friend and teammate to welcome him as a brother.