Local rescue takes in shelter dogs from Texas

DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) – According to their Facebook page, Lennoxs Legacy Rescue in Decatur takes animals into homes where they will remain for the rest of their natural life. They do full vetting of the animals and believe to commit to them for life, spaying and neutering is critical and should be the standard.

They have cats and dogs, turkeys, goats, horses, chickens and more. It’s a full house but when they were contacted to see if they could help animals in Houston, there was no way they were going to say no. The shelters told them they are full and were going to euthanize dogs to make room for flood rescues. Lennoxs stayed true to their mission of saving animals. “We didn’t reach out to anybody. We’ve had four groups reach out to us,” Katie Wilson said.

There was no hesitation to help and now 20 dogs (maybe more) will come to their rescue. The goal is to get them to foster homes. “We need to put them into foster homes to treat them medically and evaluate their temperament to make sure they’re safe to place with public.”

Lennoxs is not breed specific so that’s one reason they offer something unique for rescues. They also don’t care about age or sex. Which is part of how, after turning nonprofit in 2013, they ended up with all kinds of pets. They first started in 2009.

They still need donations, monetary and food, before the dogs show up and of course- foster parents. “Obviously there’s a lot of animals with the rescue that still need help. Right now we have 23 horses. So, taking care of them and taking care of the incoming dogs is going to be a challenge in itself.”

More dogs could end up coming after the first trip, but with an open and dedicated heart, they’ll keep trying to do what they can after the devastating hurricane. “You just can’t say no when there’s so many people that have been displaced and have nothing to go home to, no animals, and they need what they lost.”

The dogs who are healthy enough right away can be taken on spot tomorrow. If you are interested in being a foster, you can schedule an appointment to meet with the dogs. They will be dropped off late Monday night. Contact Lennoxs here.