Thief targets fire station, gets uniform money and emergency radio

A vending machine sits outside of the Fremont fire department after being broken into Tuesday.

FREMONT, Ind. (WANE) A thief broke into a vending machine and took an emergency radio from a vehicle outside Fremont’s fire station Tuesday night.

The fire station published a post on facebook Wednesday bringing attention to the robbery. On Thursday, Fremont police’s chief deputy explained to NewsChannel 15 the significance of the property.

“They hurt somebody who is here to help the community,” Chief Deputy Jordon Trippe said. “The fire department is a staple in our community and it hurts. They hit the family.”

Fremont fire trucks sit inside the station where a firefighter worked Tuesday night as a thief stole his emergency radio.

The money taken from the pop machine helps pay for firefighter uniforms, including shirts they wear while working in the community.

The emergency radio was used as a way for a firefighter to get to where he is needed to help. That firefighter was inside the station, just feet away, at the time working on one of the department’s trucks needed to be in use that night.

“Just bring the radio back,” Trippe added. “If you don’t want to give it to us, leave it somewhere where we can find it. Just bring the radio back so we can use it to help people.”

The radio, potentially worth thousands of dollars, has been disabled and described as a “paperweight to the suspect” by the police officer.