Sale of Interior secretary’s motorhome raises $25K question


HELENA, Mont. (AP) — U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s dormant campaign committee recently sold a motorhome at a steep discount to a Montana legislator.

The sale is prompting questions because it was sold for just half its apparent $50,000 market value. The Federal Election Commission prohibits the sale of political committee assets below fair market value.

Sen. Ed Buttrey says he cashed in some stock to buy the RV in June, saying that he got a “nice deal” for it.

He maintains there was nothing improper about the transaction. But he acknowledged it might prompt questions, especially because he says he’s in the final vetting stages for a key post in Zinke’s Interior Department.

The motorhome shuttled Zinke around his home state during a failed bid for lieutenant governor and two successful runs for Montana’s only congressional seat.

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