Family hosts party to thank helpers one year after Woodburn tornado

WOODBURN, Ind. (WANE) – One year ago, the Rekeweg family experienced shock, devastation and the question of where to even begin cleaning up. Four buildings on the family’s farm were destroyed in a tornado. One year later those feelings are long gone.

“[Helpers] came out with food, ice, bottled water,” Paul Rekeweg said.

A year ago Paul and Nettie Reckeweg were being fed by those who came to help clean up the tornado wreckage on their Woodburn farm.

“People came in droves,” Rekeweg said.

A year later it’s their turn to provide the food.

“It’s the least we could do to say thank you,” Reckeweg said.

The Reckewegs hosted a party one year after the tornado outbreak at their home which was heavily damaged, but now fixed. Three of four structures on the farm have been rebuilt.

“It was devastation just everywhere you look it was just piles of things you grew up with blown everywhere,” The Rekeweg’s daughter Rachel Trygg said.

The Reckewegs give a lot of credit to their three daughters for spearheading the clean-up. They’re humble.

“We didn’t know what to tell people to start, they just started,” The Reckeweg’s daughter Rebecca Dietel said.

There were some faces at Thursday’s party the Rekewegs haven’t seen in a year. They said so many more should have been there.

“People saw us on TV and came out and helped,” The Rekeweg’s daughter Jennifer Osborn said. “Even perfect strangers came out and helped.”

“I would look at some of these faces and not know who they were, but God sent them to us,” Nettie Rekeweg said.

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