Sharpshooters hired for deer hunt in Bloomington preserve

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — The Bloomington parks board has approved hiring sharpshooters to reduce the number of deer in a city nature preserve.

Board members voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of a contract with White Buffalo Inc. paying a maximum $35,000 to shoot up to 100 deer during a cull this winter at the Griffy Lake preserve. The (Bloomington) Herald-Times reports the contract says the city must pay the company $1,000 a day if disruptions prevent it from carrying out the cull.

Parks board member Joe Hoffmann says he supported the hunt because evidence shows an overabundance of deer is hurting plant growth within the 1,200-acre preserve on the city’s north side.

Some residents question whether the hunt is needed, saying they believe the area now has fewer deer than in the past.


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