Shoney’s eatery to open in Defiance

DEFIANCE, Ohio (WANE) Chain restaurant Shoney’s will open a location in Defiance, Ohio.

Shoney’s has signed a franchise agreement with local entrepreneurs Cory Baden and Rob Miller of RoCo Holdings, LLC to open a new restaurant at 1880 Jefferson Ave., across from the new Defiance High School complex. The development was announced in a press release Friday.

Shoney’s will open a location along Jefferson Avenue in Defiance, Ohio. (Fishman Public Relations)

Baden is the owner of TimCor Inc., a local Defiance contracting company. Miller is the company’s vice president.

Miller said the two decided to open a Shoney’s after recognizing the growth in the area.

“With the construction of the new high school complex and remodel of the YMCA, the south side of Defiance is set to become a focal point of the city,” said Miller. “We are excited to develop this area with an iconic restaurant brand like Shoney’s where students, parents and families can gather and enjoy a quality meal in a family-friendly, but modern and beautiful atmosphere. Shoney’s has made incredible changes to its menu and design in recent years. We can’t wait to introduce Shoney’s to Defiance and the surrounding communities.”

The restaurant is expected to open next fall, according to the release.

The Defiance Shoney’s will feature a full-service beverage bar and an “enhanced menu and fresh food bar,” with fresh, never-frozen ground beef and chicken and “innovative” dishes. The restaurant will have a contemporary design, and included a large patio with garage-style glass walls for multi-seasonal use.

Nashville-based Shoney’s was founded in 1947 and has 150 restaurants in 17 states. It is expected to open 10 new locations in 2017.