My Hometown: DJ Double K

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) – Kevin Kohrman’s life at home is much different than his work life. “It’s definitely a little zoo. You pull up and you’ll see a peacock chasing a duck or you go behind and see Stewie playing with some basketball.”

Stewie as in Stewie the pig. His family doesn’t farm. They just have animals. From cats and dogs to goats, peacocks and other birds. “Usually people are looking around and saying what is going on? But, hey, life’s short. You’ve got to have some fun in your life.”

Away from the farm, Kohrman has just as much fun. As a local DJ, he has a love for music that probably was instilled by his mother, who had a unique way of trying to calm a house of 6 children. “I had heard somewhere they said turn some music on and dance with your kids once a week. We would turn it on and it was just so much fun dancing around,” Brenda Kohrman said. Brenda goes to every show, as long as it doesn’t embarrass Kevin, and jokingly calls herself the ‘stalker mom.’

Somewhere down the road Kevin asked for a turntable and it all went from there. At 16 he started his own business called Magik Sounds. He began with parties, school dances, weddings, smaller events. Then he got into radio which kind of introduced him to the nightlife scene.

But he’s not your average DJ. “People sometimes have misconceptions of what DJs do, you know, we’re just party animals. That kind of thing.”

Kevin uses his events to give back. From rave fitness classes to Relay for Life and benefit parties the list goes on. Including one events to help Flint, Michigan, during their water crisis. “I was hoping to raise maybe 20, 30 cases of water and then it just kind of spiraled and Fort Wayne really got on board. We raised 14,000 cases of water.”

A semi-truck full and more, hand delivered to people in need.  “I just sit back in awe every time I go to one of his concerts, a wedding or one of these benefits. I just go ‘Wow. I’m so proud to be his mom.’”

“They’re ridiculously supportive of everything I do. Saying I’m going to DJ for a living and it’s not a very traditional life style.”

Kevin also does motivational speaking, encouraging young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. As he did- now booking out two years in advance. “It’s given me a lot of cool opportunities and like I said I definitely don’t take it for granted any day and I just work hard to try to keep it moving.”

Either at a smaller event with Magik Sounds or with 8,000 to 10,000 people as DJ Double K, living in what he calls the best of both worlds, you can either find him on the farm or at the turntable.

Kevin met Luke Bryan a couple years ago and last year was asked to DJ the after party of his show in Indiana. It went so well he did one more show and now this fall, Kohrman is going on tour with Bryan, acting as his personal DJ for him and his family and friends.

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