“Brian Kil” moniker used in online threats case

Justice Department officials announced the arrest of a Bakersfield man charged for making threats to Indiana high schools in 2015. Buster Hernandez, who was known as ‘Brian Kil,’ also faces federal charges for sextortion. (Aug. 7)



INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Authorities say a Bakersfield, California man charged with threatening to blow up two Indiana schools and extorting juvenile females for sexually explicit photos is believed to have used the online moniker “Brian Kil” to contact random individuals — typically minors.

“Brian Kil” has been the subject of an investigation since December 2015.

A Plainfield, Indiana girl was threatened via Facebook in December 2015 after she refused to send sexually explicit photos of herself over the internet. The threats prompted the Dec. 17, 2015, closings of Plainfield and Danville high schools and a shopping center.

Buster Hernandez was being held in California Monday, but was expected to be sent to Indiana to face sexual exploitation of a child and threats to use an explosive device charges.

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