Indiana Scouts on Trump’s message: ‘Disappointing’

GLEN JEAN, WV – Boy Scout leaders from Indiana attending a national jamboree wished President Donald Trump’s speech stayed on message, instead of shifting into politics.

The president delivered remarks at the 2017 national jamboree in West Virginia Monday night. At times, scout leaders said his speech hit the mark.

“Boy Scout values are American values, and great Boy Scouts become great, great Americans,” President Trump said.

But other statements missed. “I go to Washington and I see all these politicians, and I see the swamp, and it’s not a good place,” President Trump said.

About 500 scouts from Indiana were in attendance, including a group from the Crossroads of America Council. The group’s scout executive, Patrick Sterrett called us from the event.

“Those parts of it for the audience seemed, I guess disappointing, or just speaking to the wrong audience,” Sterrett said.

As for the kids, Sterrett says it didn’t bother the scouts. “They just, you know, were really ignoring the political parts of his speech,” Sterrett said. “They were just, if you say the right word, maybe oblivious to that.”

The national jamboree is rich in tradition. It takes place every four years, and scouts not just from Indiana, but across the country and globe attend.

Part of the tradition is inviting the US President. On Monday, President Trump became the eighth to attend.

While the speech generated buzz, scout leaders say the kids have moved on and have a message for parents in Indiana.

“They should just know that their kids here are not tied into the politics and the statements that were around it,” Sterrett said.

The kids will be at the jamboree until this Friday. Indiana leaders aren’t the only ones reacting.

The national Boy Scout group released a statement saying the group is non-partisan, and doesn’t promote any candidate. They also said it’s their tradition to invite the president to this event.