Driver shot in the face during attempted robbery then drove herself to the hospital

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – At 1:15 Monday morning, several Burger King employees were leaving the East Jefferson store when a man approached their car, pulled a gun and tried to rob them. Police said they tried to drive off, but the man held on, gun in hand “The bad guy falls off at some point. We think about a half a block to a block away from the store, the restaurant,” Michael Joyner said.

But before that, the suspect fired his gun, shooting the driver in the face. Somehow she kept going. “She actually drove herself to a hospital where initially she was thought to be in critical condition.”

Police don’t think this was a random robbery and think the suspect probably was looking for some kind of deposit bag.

Although some people think it’s safer to travel in groups, in situations like this, it’s actually recommended to leave one at a time. “There’s safety in numbers but in this particular case if one person goes to a car, if you’re riding together, that person makes it safely to the car. Then you’ve got individuals that are watching. The person gets in the car that’s driving, pulls up to the business, next person get in, next person gets in and you go.”

The President of Quality Dining, the owners of this Burger King, sent NewsChannel 15 a statement saying in part: “We are shocked and saddened to learn that in what appears to have been a totally random event one of our employees was shot early this morning at the end of her shift. Our thoughts and prayers are with our employee and we are grateful that her injuries are not life-threatening.”

A lot of people said on our Facebook page that Fort Wayne’s crime rate continues to go up, but people continue to defend that: “Fort Wayne is safe. You just have to be aware of your surroundings and you do that you can rest comfortable sleep comfortable and enjoy everything Fort Wayne has to offer.”

The driver, 26 year-old Brianna Waller, is still in serious condition.