Ashley dedicates 2 fire vehicles to 2 big-time leaders

Randy McEntarfer's family (left) and Don Farrington's family (right) in front of Ashley Fire Department's newly restored Rescue 11.

ASHLEY, Ind. (WANE) – Saturday was a proud day for the Ashley Fire Department. Not only did they save money on new equipment, but they dedicated two fire trucks to the memory of two of the town’s biggest leaders who died last year.

Randy McEntarfer’s family (left) and Don Farrington’s family (right) in front of Ashley Fire Department’s newly restored Rescue 11.

The department remembered the lives of two of the town’s greatest public service leaders, Randy McEntarfer and Don Farrington, by painting their names permanently on the newly restored Rescue 11 fire truck. They also dedicated the Grass Attack 18 to the men.

Farrington served as Ashley fire chief as well as town board president, town manager, and town marshal.

McEntarfer served on the town council for decades.

“They’ve both been active in the Ashley community for many, many years and they served with little to no compensation,” said Neal Lockwood, a retired firefighter on the Ashley Fire Department Advisory Board. “They were very devoted people and we lost both of them in a very short length of time. So it sort of hit us sort of hard. So yes we wanted to make sure the town did not forget these two men.”

The Rescue 11 and Grass Attack 18 were dedicated to Randy McEntarfer and Don Farrington, two of Ashley’s biggest public service leaders.

At Saturday’s dedication ceremony, the fire department also honored Maynard Sanders and Nip DeLucenay with plaques for their service to the department.

The Department also took time to introduce their new emergency medical information flash drives. People can put all your health information on the flash drive it and keep it on them. In the case that they have to rescue you, all they have to do is put it in a computer and they’ll know have all your health information.