Vatican sets trial for 2 ex-administrators of hospital


VATICAN CITY (AP) — Vatican prosecutors have indicted the former president and ex-treasurer of the Vatican-run children’s hospital for allegedly diverting money from the hospital’s foundation to pay for renovations on a top cardinal’s apartment.

The indictment ordered Giuseppe Profiti and Massimo Spina to stand trial, starting next Tuesday.

The indictment accuses the two of using 422,000 euros ($481,000) from the Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital’s fundraising foundation to pay for renovations of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone’s apartment when he retired as the Vatican’s secretary of state.

Bertone has denied knowledge of the payment.

Profiti, whose administration was the subject a recent AP investigation into quality of care at the “pope’s hospital,” has admitted to the payment but said it was an investment so that the foundation could use the apartment for fundraising events.


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