Indiana Libertarians holding ‘drink-in’ to promote liquor law changes

Jeff Williams checks the stock in the beer cooler behind the counter in a Ricker's convenience store in Sheridan, Ind., Wednesday, April 19, 2017. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

SHERIDAN, Ind (WANE) Soon, Democrats and Republicans will review Indiana’s liquor laws, but they’re not the only political parties debating cold beer sales.

This weekend, a “drink-in” will be held at a Ricker’s gas station. A few weeks ago, the local Libertarian party held an event at the Columbus gas station.

This time, it’s the state party going to the Ricker’s in Sheridan. Those two stores caused an uproar during the 2017 legislative session.

The owner obtained a liquor license that allowed each location to sell cold beer carryout. Right now, Indiana’s law only allows restaurants, and liquor stores to do so.

Ricker’s got around the law by selling made to order food. We caught up with the Libertarian party chair Tuesday. A “drink-in” he said is a unique event that he hopes will help his party, and get Indiana’s alcohol law changed.

“That was not on the top of my lists of something that we would be doing, but it’s a fun event,” Indiana Libertarian Party Chair Tim McGuire said. “It’s a little tongue and cheek. We’re excited to be doing it.”

If you’re interested in attending, the “drink-in” takes place at the Ricker’s Sheridan site, Sunday at 3 p.m. Libertarian Party members will stick around for a couple hours.

In a Facebook event, the party said the “drink-in” will essentially be a rally for change.

“The Indiana Legislature is preventing your freedom to choose and protecting classes of businesses through legislation. Come to Sheridan, Indiana to show your support for your right to choose and fair business legislations. We will also be supporting the rights of Ricker’s Stores to be able to not only sell cold beer but sell it on Sundays as well.”