Ian Rolland laid to rest

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – On Saturday the community gave its final respects to Ian Rolland. The funeral of former Lincoln National CEO and civic leader was held at Turnstone.

After the funeral, the family will try to figure out what their new normal will be.

“He instilled a lot of things in us to be resilient,” Rolland’s daughter, Carol Rolland, said.

People lined up at Turnstone to console family and say goodbye to Rolland.

“My 4 and 8 year old spent most of their days over at my mom and dad’s so [life] will change for all of us,” Carol said.

“I think we’ll stay a close knit family,” Rolland’s daughter, Cheri Stone, said. “Sometimes when you have parents who pass you kind of disperse.”

“You think back on what life would be like without someone, and I can’t imagine what Fort Wayne would be like without Ian Rolland,” Fort Wayne Councilman and Executive Director of Headwaters Park Geoff Paddock said.

The fighter for civil rights, arts supporter, visionary and lover of Fort Wayne touched a lot of people from all walks of life in the city. Paddock is one of them. He said Rolland is a big reason Headwaters Park even happened.

“Ian had me come into his office in March of 1993,” Paddock said. “He said I’m going to help pledge some money towards this project. I’m going to have Lincoln commit $1 million.”

Many of those impacted by Rolland were at the visitation and funeral making for a large crowd.

“We’re a stronger family because of all of this,” Stone said.

Rolland passed away last Saturday at the age of 84.