Art Van Furniture offers free flag exchange

Fort Wayne, IN (WANE) – Art Van Furniture is offering to give you a brand new, American-made, 3’x5′ American flag in exchange for your old one.  This ends at close of business (10PM) on the Fourth of July.  A corporate spokeswoman said they would likely do this promotion again around Labor Day.  More than 500 flags have already been turned in, and the store in Fort Wayne across from Glenbrook had to have extra flags delivered because they were in danger of running out.  Art Van bought all of these flags and is giving them away for free, no purchase required.

The issue of discarding flags is a complicated one, so Art Van Furniture is also making sure the old flags are disposed of properly.  Once all the flags are collected, Art Van’s corporate headquarters in Warren, Michigan, will partner with local groups to destroy the flags in a respectful manner, according to the U.S. Flag Code.  The American Legion has a ceremony for respectfully destroying the American flag; this isn’t something you can just throw away. For more information on proper flag display and care, click here to see the U.S. Flag Code.