Man who uploaded pornographic pictures of women, kids, family sentenced

WELLS COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) A Bluffton man arrested on more than 40 felony charges after police said he uploaded pictures of women and children – his family included – onto a pornographic website has been sentenced.

Kurt J. Kemp was sentenced Wednesday in the Wells County Circuit Court to 11 years in prison for seven counts of child exploitation, 30 counts of possession of child pornography and five counts of public voyeurism.

Kurt J. Kemp

Police were alerted Oct. 12 by a woman in New York, who called after she found pictures of her, her children and other family members on a pornographic website. According to a Bluffton Police report, users on the website print pictures, then take photos of themselves performing sex acts to the pictures before uploading that photo to the site.

An investigator with the Bluffton Police Department went to the site and found more than 2,000 posts from two usernames believed to be associated with Kemp. The images featured nude women and young girls roughly 12 or 13 years old, with captions that indicated an interest in incest and general sex.

Police also found images of mothers dropping off their children at a Bluffton school and other photos of a former boss of Kemp’s, the report detailed.

In the images viewed by police, a tattoo was visible that appeared to be similar to one of Kemp’s, the report said. In another image, a linoleum floor could be seen that matched that within Kemp’s home, the report said.

Police seized cell phones, a videogame system and compact discs from Kemp’s home, and computers from a pawn shop he reportedly sold to. In an interview with police, Kemp admitted to posting one photo of a woman when he was angry with her but denied posting any others.