Neighbors, friend surprised to hear about drug bust

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Neighbors and friends around the house that got busted Tuesday night said they were surprised.  “Wow, you don’t see that every day. Fireworks were going overhead, it almost kind of gave you that war zone feeling.”

Bethany Smith has lived on Michigan Avenue for 6 years and said she never suspected anything like this. “You could be as watchful as you want to be and still not even know it’s right under your nose.”

Police arrested 15 people and found 9.3 grams of crack cocaine in a house at 1119 Michigan Avenue overnight after a month-long investigation. Kenneth Sherry said he’s friends with two of those people who lived in apartment #1, Edward McGuire and Jennifer Cavinder, both arrested for maintaining a common nuisance. “I mean I was shocked. It was totally mind-blowing to see that happen.”

He didn’t think it qualified as a major situation. “This was not a massive drug bust. This was a very small player and again I’ve never witnessed this at this house.”

“Illegal is illegal whether you have 9 pounds or 9 grams. It’s illegal to be in possession of these controlled substances so what’s the difference? We’ve got drugs off the street. We’ve got people behind bars that are involved in illegal activity. We’ve got a neighborhood now that can rest a lot easier knowing that this illegal activity has come to a halt,” Michael Joyner with Fort Wayne Police said.

A law enforcement official previously told NewsChannel 15 paramedics and police had been called to the area multiple times for drug overdoses. Both Smith and Sherry said they never noticed anything and think it’s a safe and quiet area. But Joyner said there were a lot of complaints in this area and they followed up on them, eventually ending in the bust.

“They better really rethink who their friends are and who their friends aren’t because some bad choices were made here and I think they just got swept up in the mix,” Sherry said.