Gov. Holcomb ‘not ready’ to comment on Senate GOP healthcare bill

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb speaks to the media after a press conference on the future of the GE campus on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said his administration is “crunching numbers” before taking a position on the Senate GOP’s new healthcare plan. Republicans want to overhaul Obamacare but not everyone is on board with the draft of the bill released earlier this week. The new healthcare proposal drew criticism form Democrats and even some Republicans.

Five GOP Senators have come out against it. Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky issued a joint statement saying they are not ready to vote for the bill but are open to negotiation. Most recently Dean Heller, of Nevada joined the group.

The bill would end tax penalties on people who don’t buy insurance, while giving  tax credits for people who purchase their own health insurance. It would also eliminate Obamacare’s taxes on the wealthy.  However, it would drastically cut back federal support of Medicaid.  Gov. Holcomb said it is too soon to comment about specifics of the bill. He is still digging into it right now.

“We’re crunching all the numbers,” said Gov. Holcomb. “I want to make sure the state of Indiana has control and flexibility so we can make sure we’re managing and taking care of our people in our state. I’m confident that we’ll be able to do that.”

“We know what’s currently [in place] is not working so there has to be some changes,” he added. “But we’re running the numbers right now.”

Governor Holcomb said he will likely take a stance on the proposed bill soon. He said it could come as early as next week.