Donnelly, Banks issue statements on Comey testimony

WASHINGTON (WANE) U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly and U.S. Representative Jim Banks both issued statements Thursday following former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Donnelly, a Democrat issued this statement:

Director Comey’s testimony today was an important step in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia’s interference in our election and the potential involvement of US citizens in that effort. The American people deserve answers about Russia’s efforts to influence our election so those responsible can be held accountable, and we can take the necessary steps to better protect ourselves in the future. Those are goals I share with colleagues, Republican and Democratic, and why I welcomed the news of someone as experienced and respected as Robert Mueller being selected as special counsel.”

Banks, a Republican representing Indiana’s 3rd District issued this statement:

“My approach to this whole situation is simple – we need to follow the facts. Yesterday, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats testified that he never felt pressured to interfere in the ongoing investigation. Today, Mr. Comey described some inappropriate interactions with President Trump but made it clear that the President has not interfered in any way with the FBI’s investigation or engaged in illegal behavior. Mr. Comey also said that the President was never personally under investigation.

Those hoping for fireworks or a smoking gun may be disappointed by today’s hearing, but I am hopeful that now Congress can let the independent prosecutor do his job and draw conclusions once the official investigation is complete. We need to focus on the major legislative challenges before us, like reforming our broken tax code, rebuilding our military and improving the care our veterans receive.”