Fort Wayne food truck overview

The BBQ bacon ranch fries are just one of the food items at iGrandma's food truck .

Fort Wayne has a variety of local food offerings that cater to all taste buds. And just as society is becoming increasingly more mobile, so too are the food options. Nearly 20 different food trucks call The Summit City home, most without having a traditional brick-and-mortar location. These trucks, trailers, and even buses, are cookin’ up some specialty cuisine on wheels. Here’s a look at some of the local food trucks you can enjoy:


Type of food: variety – tacos, soups, bahn mi’s, sausages, and charcuterie.

Claim to fame: Everything made from fresh, farm-raised, locally-sourced ingredients

Can’t miss: Duck Banh mi



Big Apple Pizza/Deli

Type of food: New York-style pizza, deli sandwiches

Claim to fame: New York-style – the owner hails from New York

Can’t miss: FDNY Buffalo Chicken Pizza, hot pastrami sandwich



Brain Freeze

Type of food: soft-serve ice cream

Claim to fame: BrainFreeze – Colossal Sundae

Can’t miss: BrainFreeze – Colossal Sundae



Bravas/Bravas Tacos

Type of food: hot-dogs, burgers, tacos

Claim to fame: locally-sourced angus beef, unique combinations

Can’t miss: Snooop dog, Patatas Bravas



Hetty Arts Pastry

Type of Food: pastries/desserts

Claim to fame: made from scratch with a sense of nostalgia

Can’t Miss: cupcakes




Type of Food: homestyle American

Claim to fame: savory foods that bring back memories of Grandma

Can’t Miss: chicken + biscuits + gravy



Mocha Lounge Mobile

Type of Food: coffee, teas, smoothies, baked goods

Claim to fame: Fort Wayne’s first coffee truck

Can’t Miss: iced coffees



Naked Tchopstix

Type of Food: sushi, pan asian food

Claim to fame: sushi

Can’t Miss: spicy California roll



Pizza Bomba

Type of Food: New York-style pizzas

Claim to fame: gourmet pizzas

Can’t Miss: pesto chicken pizza



Ragin’ Cajun

Type of Food: cajun/creole

Claim to fame: owner was born and raised in New Orleans

Can’t Miss: shrimp po boy, alligator



Sol Kitchen

Type of Food: mexican

Claim to fame: unique mexican creations

Can’t Miss: shrimp, pesto, and goat cheese quesadilla




Type of Food: vietnamese

Claim to fame: vietnamese-inspired street food + eco-friendly paper/plastic ware

Can’t Miss: banhrrito



Whip & Chill

Type of Food: ice cream, shaved ice

Claim to fame: tropical sno shaved ice

Can’t Miss: root beer float



Who Cut The Cheese?

Type of Food: gourmet grilled cheese

Claim to fame: grilled cheese, veggies all organic & locally-grown

Can’t Miss: Tincap



Ziffles Zip n Go

Type of Food: bbq, pub fare

Claim to fame: award-winning ribs

Can’t Miss: Notorious P.I.G.