Businesses have slow start to the season during wet Memorial Day Weekend

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The flooding has gotten a little better at Lakeside Golf Club in Fort Wayne. The course sits along the Maumee River and was flooded when the river hit 15 feet last week. The whole front nine was covered. It’s starting to recede, but it’s too late for Memorial Day Weekend.

“We lost 100 percent,” Lakeside Golf Club General Manager James Baker said. “We had no income.”

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer. It’s also the unofficial kick off for businesses that depend on the season.

“We should’ve been at full operation but we were closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday,” Baker said.

The company didn’t make one dime, and won’t open until Wednesday. Even then it’s only the driving range that will open.

A weekend on the lake didn’t happen either in Noble County where the lakes were shut down.

“For the people it just had to be terrible,” Noble County EMA Director Mick Newton said. “Here’s a holiday weekend and their houses are inundated with water. They lost the sewer system. It just finally got overloaded.”

Newton is starting the recovery stage. He’s collecting information on damages from homeowners to send to the state. He was in the northeast section of Jones Lake Tuesday, and will take a boat to harder hit areas tomorrow.

“We’ve seen houses that at a glance from the exterior are clearly affected they’re surrounded by water,” Newton said. “We don’t know with some of them has it gotten inside, how much damage did it do?”

But Newton and Baker are trying to stay positive even if more rain may be on the way. Baker said the back nine will be open Thursday. The front nine is about three weeks out from opening.

“The good thing right now is it’s not real warm,” Baker said. “You don’t want it too hot. You want a nice steady wind and breeze and that will help us more than anything.”