Surveillance cam catches boy swiping bike

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A home surveillance camera captured what appeared to be a boy stealing a bicycle from a near-northeast-side home on Tuesday.

Shawn Born sent a surveillance video to NewsChannel 15 through our Report It feature. The video, time-stamped just before 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, shows the boy walk up the driveway of the home and scan a collection of bicycles parked along the home before he takes one away.

When 11 year old Alexis went to ride her bike that night, she was surprised to see it wasn’t there. “I almost started to cry because I was like where’s my bike? And I really liked that bike.”

Coincidentally, her father just installed surveillance cameras the day before. When the family looked at that video, they saw a boy come up to their home, take the bike then leave.

“Just wow. I can’t believe that at 1:30 in the afternoon someone has the guts to just come up on someone else’s property and just take whatever they want.” Alexis’ father, Shawn Born, said.

The video shows a car drive by and then come back around before the boy comes up the next minute. The family wondered if it’s related. “My first thoughts are he should be in school, where are his parents?”

The family lives off Nevada Avenue and described the area as safe and friendly, not a place you’d expect to have to lock your belongings. “Kids are really respectful. Every neighbor knows pretty much every neighbor around here. They all play on the same block and we have block parties along here,” Born said.

It was an unfortunate reminder that theft can happen anytime, anywhere. “It’s a crime of opportunity really. If someone’s driving along and they’re brazen enough then they’re going to do it regardless of the neighborhood you live in,” Sergeant Jim Seay said.

Alexis remained hopeful it would show up. “Please bring my bike back, I really liked it.”

Born said a police report was filed. Anyone with any information on the incident is asked to call Fort Wayne Police or Crime Stoppers at 436-STOP.