On the farm with Kolt Kyler, the Pierceton boy that was surprised with Cubs tickets

PIERCETON, Ind. (WANE) – At the end of the dirt country road like this one is an intersection.

“What’s more American than Midwest baseball in a small town. It’s just really hit straight in the heart for a lot of people,” Kolt’s mother Natalie said.

For Kolt and the Kylers; school, work and baseball all converge on a small farm near Pierceton, Indiana. The 9-year-old recently began helping his father with chores including his main responsibility of taking care of two new 4H pigs. Due to his hard work and dedication, Andy – Kolt’s father – planned a surprise for his son. He finally found the perfect opportunity after a long day of work and baseball.

“Well I got up at 7:59 AM and then I went down and I watered my hogs. I cleaned out the water tank, cleaned the feeder, I watered the cows. I also had a double-header and then we went over to my grandma’s,” Kolt recalled.

His mom took a video of the moment simply to show their daughters. It grew way beyond anything they could have imagined after they posted it to Twitter.