Northeast Indiana in the national spotlight in HGTV show

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  They’re called flippers. They buy homes, fix them up, and then sell them for a profit. There are dozens of TV shows about people who flip for a living, and now, one of those shows is going to be filmed in Northeast Indiana.

Small Town Big Flip will focus on flipped homes the average home buyer may be able to afford, and features four flippers from Fort Wayne.

After knowing each other for a decade brothers Nate and Silas Norris teamed up with their best friends John Sommer and Jonathan Weber to start MBN Properties and start flipping homes.

“We thought we might do 10-12 [flipped homes] a year, and after doing it for a couple of years it essentially became our primary objective to flip about 50-60 homes a year,” Nate said.

Those working with them thought they could bring their flipping talent to a national level.

“They would say stuff jokingly like you should do a show, and we were like that’s funny,” Weber said.

Producers at HGTV thought it was a good idea too. The guys of MBN Properties will star in a new show premiering this month called Small Town Big Flip. They’ll stay right here in Northern Indiana to flip the homes.

“That’s something that’s different than your everyday HGTV show that’s out there,” Nate said. “They’re showing these half million dollar homes which hardly anybody can afford.”

“We feel like we have that edge here locally to show what most people live in,” Sommer said.

The team’s average price for a flipped home is $150,000

“We do flip houses in a lot of small towns,” Silas said. “I think we’ve flipped houses in more than 60 small towns in Northern Indiana.”

With a group of four best friends things are sure to get interesting.

“We rarely agree on anything,” Silas said.

“Trying to get all four of us to agree on one specific thing is sure to be hard,” Nate said.

Small Town Big Flip premiers May 13 at 12 p.m.