Slain realtor’s son talks safety during showings

Realtor Beverly Carter was killed in 2014 while selling a house to a client.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The son of a slain realtor visited Fort Wayne Thursday to share the story of how his mother was killed on the job.

Carl Carter Jr. told the Up State Alliance of Realtors that knowing your client is the number one lesson to learn from his mother’s murder.

Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter was kidnapped and killed in September 2014 while showing a client a house.

The husband and wife that kidnapped Beverly planned to hold her for ransom, but they got scared and decided to kill her at a nearby concrete plant.

Since her death, Beverly’s son Carl has been crusading for realtor safety.

“Still this far out, it’s so heartbreaking and horrifying to know that my mom was victimized because she was perceived to be wealthy,” Carl said. “She was just trying to work. That’s awful.”

The Up State Alliance of Realtors listened to Carl’s story convicted.

Beverly, was meeting an out-of-state client from Missouri at a home in Little Rock. Beverly had been emailing, texting and calling the client. The man, who lived in Little Rock, used a cell phone app which made his number appear to be from Missouri. When he called Beverly with a house he wanted to meet her at, she grew suspicious and did not want to. To convince her, the man put his wife on the phone who said she’d be with him.

When Beverly arrived at the house only the husband was there. He gave an excuse as to why his wife had not come.

Beverly, unsettled, went into the house to tour it with the man. While inside, he took her down with a taser and masking tape.

He put Beverly in the back of his car trunk and took her to his house. He and his wife “freaked out,” according to Carl. So the couple decided to end this situation by killing Beverly.

The husband drove her to a nearby concrete plant and suffocated her to death with masking tape. He then buried her nearby.

Beverly’s body was found five days after she had gone missing.

Realtor Beverly Carter was kidnapped and killed in 2014 while selling a house to a client.

Carl has since become a realtor and created the Beverly Carter Foundation. His goal is to spread realtor safety.

“My main objective today was just to talk to these amazing agents about the risk that exists in the industry so that they can tighten up some of their processes to realize that there are bad people out there,” he said.

He said the biggest takeaways from his mother’s murder for other realtors are:

  • Know your client
  • Examine your marketing
  • Have buddies
  • Safe showings and open houses
  • Trust your gut
  • Keep the conversation going (about realtor safety)

The man involved in Beverly’s kidnapping and murder was sentenced to two lifetimes in prison and his wife was sentenced to 30 years, according to Carl.