Rep. Banks co-authors bill requiring Congress members to buy into AHCA

WASHINGTON (WANE) Rep. Jim Banks has co-authored a bill that would require members of Congress to receive health insurance through the American Health Care Act.

Congressman Jim Banks
Rep. Jim Banks (R) Indiana 3rd District

The legislation was introduced by Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona on Thursday. If passed, it would prevent members of Congress from exempting themselves from the yet-to-be-law American Health Care Act.

Banks (R-3rd) said in a statement released by his office that the bill was written in the belief of fairness.

“Congress should live under the laws it passes,” said Banks. “This is a common-sense bill to ensure that the law applies equally to both Members of Congress and their constituents.”

The American Health Care Act, a measure to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, was withdrawn in March after it failed to receive enough Republican support to pass. House GOP leaders are working now to revive the legislation.