Principal says student brought weapon to Lakeside Middle School

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A student at Lakeside Middle School reportedly brought a weapon to school Tuesday.

Lakeside Principal Alan Jones sent a letter home to parents Wednesday that indicated the student had a weapon on school grounds Tuesday but it was not a direct threat the students or staff. Jones said in the letter that police and Fort Wayne Community Schools’ security staff dealt with the situation accordingly, and “quickly and effectively.”

The letter did not indicate what discipline the student would face, and did not name the student. District spokeswoman Krista Stockman did not say what type of weapon it was.

Jones called safety a top priority at the school and said he sent the letter home to “keep (them) within the loop of the situation.”

The following is the letter sent home by Lakeside Principal Alan Jones:

April 26, 2017

Dear Lancer Family:

I am writing to let you know of a situation that occurred yesterday and steps taken to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Yesterday afternoon, it was brought to our attention that a student had a weapon on school grounds. With swift action and communication, we were able to deal with the situation accordingly with the help of police and FWCS security staff and without direct threat to students or staff. Safety is a priority within the walls here at Lakeside, and because of the climate and culture we have been able to establish with our student body and stakeholders we were able to able to respond quickly and effectively. Because of these bonds we felt it was imperative to keep you within the loop of the situation.

Today we discussed and reiterated our safety protocols with students and staff alike to ensure we have a continued smooth rest of the school year. You can help support school safety by continuing this conversation at home with your child and reminding them that if they ever see or hear anything that causes them to feel unsafe, they should immediately tell an adult.

As always if there are any questions or concerns that I may be able to support know that I am available. Thank you for your continued support.


Alan Jones