Humanity shines after serious crash on Maplecrest Rd.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  Road rage is being blamed for a crash that sent two people on a motorcycle to the hospital in critical condition. Another person was sent to the hospital with minor injures. Amidst the chaos of Tuesday night’s scene several people driving by jumped in to help.

An eyewitnesses said at least a half dozen people stopped at the scene on Maplecrest Road, and helped those thrown from the motorcycle. One off duty police officer said their selflessness has left him overwhelmed.

“I came across quite a mess,” Parkview Health Police Officer Scott McGauley said. “There were metal parts in the road. Then I noticed a body.”

It was a little after 8 p.m. when off-duty officer Scott McGauley went by the crash scene.

Police said a motorcycle and Monte Carlo were racing. When the motorcycle tried to cut them off, they rear-ended another vehicle. Both the driver and passenger were thrown from the motorcycle.

That’s when McGauley stopped to help.

“What I noticed right away is people were already stopping and helping,” McGauley said.

He wasn’t the only emergency responder there. An off duty firefighter also stopped to help. But most were not trained in this kind of work.

“To see normal people just dive in [and help] I was overwhelmed,” McGauley said. “I accidentally ran into my sister in law. I look up and she’s standing next to me asking me what I needed.”

McGauley said the scene was gruesome. It was one of the worst things he’s ever seen in more than two decades in law enforcement. His thoughts are with those who were by his side that night.

“It was rough,” he said. “I think about these people who went home that don’t deal with that regularly, you know, how are they dealing with it?”

Among the bad McGauley said the good was brighter.

“I believe there is more good than bad,” McGauley said. “I worked at a jail for 23 years. I believe there is more good than bad.”

Police said reckless driving and speeding were causes of the crash. It is still under investigation.