Denim Day 5K raises awareness for sexual assault resources

The event was held Wednesday at University of St. Francis.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Dozens attended the Denim Day 5K to help raise awareness and honor survivors.

The event was held Wednesday at University of St. Francis. The goal of the event was to build awareness among college students, faculty and others in our community of Sexual Assault myths and truths.

Officials also brought up the many resources for anyone in need. A survivor of sexual assault said she’s proud of everyone who came out and she has a message for those affected.

“You’re not alone,” Erica Monroe, Rape Survivor, said. “Every feeling that you feel is a feeling that everyone of us victims and survivors have felt and the goal of this raising awareness is just to let people know they’re not alone and to bring a new topic to the dinner table that uncomfortable to talk about but needs to be talked about. If we can start doing that at a younger age we can prevent it from happening.”

If you are a victim or know anyone who may need help contact the Fort Wayne Sexual Assault Treatment Center as soon as possible.