Dum Dum lollipop maker retires after 48 years

Al Braun has worked for Spangler since 1969, making him one of the few workers to have been there for all four generations of the company based in Bryan, Ohio.

BRYAN, Ohio (WANE) – A candy bagger at the world-famous Spangler Candy Company is retiring after nearly 50 years of making Dum Dum lollipops.

Al Braun has worked for Spangler since 1969,  making him one of the few workers to have been here for all four generations of the company. It was founded in 1906 in Bryan, Ohio.

After 48 years and making more than 50 billion Dum Dums, Braun finally saying goodbye to Spangler Candy.

“I’m satisfied because I’m making people happy because they can have a sucker,” he said. “It’s just enjoyable to me. I want everyone to be happy. A goal in my life is to touch other people’s lives and we’re touching other people because of the Dum Dums bringing them happiness and joy and just having a piece of candy.”

Braun said he’s going to miss his friends at the factory, as well as working with his hands. He’s amazed by how much technology changed over the decades. When he started, he used to manually set up the machines that bagged candy. Now, everything is automatic and computerized.

Braun said he never minded treating himself to a Dum Dum. His favorite flavors are lemon lime and blue raspberry.

When Spangler Candy announced Braun’s retirement on social media with the hashtag #ThanksAl, it went viral with 25.2 million views and hundreds of thousands of shares.

“It’s been fun some days and some days not so fun, but overall it’s a sweet career,” he concluded.

What’s next for Braun? He said he’s waiting on God to show him his next adventure.