IPFW chancellor Carwein to retire

Vicky Carwein

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) IPFW Chancellor Vicky Carwein will retire by the end of the year, one to be marked by uncertainty as the campus is divided and renamed.

Purdue President Mitch Daniels announced the plan on Tuesday. Daniels said he and Carwein had discussed Carwein’s “intent to step down” as early as last summer, with Carwein’s five-year commitment to IPFW soon over. Carwein was installed as IPFW’s chancellor in 2012.

Carwein released the following statement:

Dear Campus Community,

I write to share a decision I made and shared with President Daniels last summer, that is, my retirement as Chancellor in 2017. The specific date of my retirement has not been set as President Daniels has asked me to complete a number of projects that are in process, many related to realignment, and to remain until the search for a new chancellor has been concluded.

Despite the uncertainty of continual studies of governance during my tenure and enrollment and financial challenges, the outstanding work of faculty and staff, success of students and graduates, and significant institutional impact upon the community and region have been advanced and will continue to grow into the future. I am proud of the many accomplishments over these past years and know they foretell a bright and prosperous future for this campus as it transitions wholly to Purdue University. It has been my honor to have met and worked with so many faculty and staff who demonstrate their commitment to student success every single day and go well beyond what is required in service to our students. You will lead this institution to even more successes in the future.

I have had the great fortune and opportunity throughout my career to work with people who had a real fire to make things happen, to distinguish their institutions in new and progressive ways, to change the world, and they did. It is one of my greatest sources of satisfaction and pride to count these individuals as colleagues and friends and to have shared in the achievements.

This institution has before it an unparalleled opportunity to re-envision itself, building upon its 50+ years standing in northeast Indiana, and create a truly distinguished future. I thank all of you here and in the community who have the fire and sense of urgency needed to accomplish this and for the privilege of working with you. I thank you for the inspiration you bring and for your commitment to a strong, prosperous and thriving future. The preparation work to launch that future will soon be completed. I am excited about the opportunities your new chancellor will have to lead Purdue Fort Wayne into the next 50 years.

I look forward to continuing the work over the next few to several months and wish you all the very best!

“Chancellor Carwein has made some decisions that have have some criticism. Some of that criticism was legitimate and some of it has been overblown, but I think she’s done some important things here that have improved the university. I think the best example of this is that she has lead us to a much more transparent budget process,” IPFW Faculty Senate presiding officer Jeff Malanson said.

The boards of trustees at both Indiana University and Purdue University voted last year to realign IPFW. The plan, which will occur on July 1, 2018, calls for Purdue to maintain a comprehensive university, with Indiana University focusing on programs at the campus like as health sciences.

The university will be renamed, possibly as Purdue University Fort Wayne and Purdue University Northeast.

Daniels said a search committee will be appointed within the coming weeks to hire a new chancellor. He said the goal is to have a new university leader in place at the beginning or soon after the start of the 2017-18 academic year.

“The chancellor came to IPFW at a challenging time, and I thank her for her commitment to addressing serious financial problems and for making tough decisions to put the campus on more stable footing,” said Daniels. “I have asked Chancellor Carwein to conclude a number of assignments prior to her leaving IPFW, including overseeing work associated with the new structure for Purdue’s presence in Northeast Indiana.”

Carwein has an idea of what type of person she would like to see serve as the next Chancellor.

“I would say someone who is really future oriented, who is entrepreneurial, who really understands inter-program and inter-disciplinary kinds of education and someone who can also develop partnerships and collaborations with our community,” Carwein said.