WATCH: 4-year-old girl swept off feet by strong Ohio winds

(WFLA) — A video of a 4-year-old Ohio girl being blown away when she tried to open her front door has spread all over social media.

This home surveillance footage shows Madison Gardner getting out of her mom’s car, and running up the stairs of her house to open the door. The strong Ohio winds had a different plan.

Madison was lifted off the ground and was “pinned between the house and the glass door,” according to her mom Brittany Gardner.

While in a sideways flight, Brittany came rushing over to help her daughter safely down from her journey.

Madison managed to cling on to her mom’s phone the entire time.

Madison said she was a little scared at first but once her parents showed her the video she couldn’t stop laughing and thought it was actually fun.

Madison’s mom posted the video on Facebook, adding Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly with Me” song for a little humor.

Since then it has been shared and viewed thousands of times on social media.