5 dogs reportedly poisoned and killed in DeKalb County

DEKALB COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – The DeKalb Humane Society has reported multiple dogs in the area of Garrett and Altona have been poisoned and killed with hamburger soaked in antifreeze.

According to a Facebook post from the organization, there have been five reports of dogs being poisoned thus far.

The Garrett Police Department told NewsChannel 15 there is no open investigation regarding dead dogs and could be something that got out of control on social media.

The full statement from Garrett PD is below.

The Garrett Police Department would like to address the recent concerns that animals in the Garrett/Altona area have been purposely poisoned.

The Garrett Police Department has been in contact with the DeKalb County Humane Shelter and it’s local veterinary clinics about animals being intentionally harmed and we would like our community to be aware that the Garrett Police Department DOES NOT have any active investigations for animals intentionally being harmed or poisoned. The recent posts about anti-freeze soaked meat began a a reminder to stay vigiliant with your pets and what your pets are doing/eating.