POLL: How would you grade President Trump’s 1st month?

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – This President’s Day marks one month since President Donald Trump took over the oval office. NewsChannel 15 wanted to know how people in the area would grade their new commander-in-chief.

Thousands of people have already taken the poll, which can be seen below. The results are lying on the extremes. The vast majority of people gave President Trump either an A or an F.


IPFW political science professor Mike Wolf said he’s not surprised by the results.

“The conventional wisdom has really suggested that the White House isn’t running as smoothly as it can, but again he’s not a conventional politician,” he explained. “He said he was going to do these things and his supporters are probably really happy with the results. It certainly seems like core Republicans are not upset and his voters are certainly sticking with him. Now those that didn’t support him are clearly not only unhappy, but very unhappy with how it’s going and are easy to criticize. So it’s not a surprise to hear where we are.”

Wolf added that some of Trump’s “issues” in his first month in office may be due to the fact that he’s not a politician and is building an administration from a non-political background. He explained that Trump not the first president to face some criticism by actors in Washington about how unorganized the White House is or its first steps and its first policies. He named Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as other examples. Wolf said the early stages of an administration do not necessarily reflect the final product.