Kroger Co. recalls ‘Private Selection’ Pies


(Cincinnati, OH)-Kroger, Fry, and Smith’s have recalled ‘Private Selection’ salted caramel chocolate almond pies.  The Kroger website says the pies were sold throughout 13 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia), including Indiana and Ohio.  They pies may contain eggs and almonds that are not specified on the’allergens contained’ statement. mix up is reported to have originated with the labeling at the processing plant.

The pies are in 9 inch, 34 ounce containers and will have the lot code 17025 on the side of the pie dome. People with egg or almond allergies could have severe reaction to eating the pies.  Kroger says if you purchased any of the affected desserts, you can return them to the store for a full refund.

For more information CLICK HERE or call 1-844-617-8238